iPod Music Accessories

First and foremost, your iPod is for listening to music. Of course, there are added bonuses to owning an iPod aside from music (especially if you have the Touch), however, you should be aware of the wide range of accessories available to you to enhance your listening experience.


With the release of the latest iPhone 7 and iOS 10, Apple has also released a new standard in-ear bud, AirPods. These are simply a wireless version of the standard ear buds that you might have been used to previously. Apple’s reason for the wireless AirPods is to be able to connect all of your devices wirelessly, with infrared sensors so when the earpiece enters your ear, the device you’re connected to will play. The case is a charging station and the pods also pick up your voice!

Portable Speakers

With the iPod Touch and the Nano, you’ll be able to connect via Bluetooth, or use portable speakers as docks if they are compatible. Apple have teamed up with the following manufacturers who provide a range of wireless speakers:

  • Beats
  • Ultimate Ears
  • Sonos
  • B&O
  • Devialet
  • Naim
  • Bose

Personal taste and your bank balance definitely come into play as to which one you should choose and you’d need to take a look through the different styles to make sure they fit with the style of your home. All are recognisable brands and some will have a better sound quality than others.

Earphones / Headphones

Then we have more traditional earphones. You’ll most likely feel a bit overwhelmed with the range on offer, however, think about what style you’d like to go for. Earphones tend to sit in the ear and are lightweight and good for runners and those who exercise vigorously. Headphones tend to be known as ‘over-ear’ headphones or ‘cans’ and are likely to provide you with a better sound quality and increased noise cancellation. However, they are probably less advised for strenuous exercise due to their bulk and weight.

Whatever you decide, there are plenty of options available due to Apple’s high levels of quality and compatibility with their products.

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