Remembering when MiniDisc was on its way out and MP3 players were hitting the streets, heads turned and it started to be a way of life to own an iPod – ‘wow, is that the New Apple iPod?’, people would ask…! The whole civilised world now knows about Apple and their infamous range of products, with the iPod being at the forefront of their launch onto the MP3 scene. Many forget that Apple has evolved over time and was originally launched as a personal computer company, however, the focus throughout this site will be on a whole host of information with regards to the iPod, how it might suit your music and connectivity needs, or perhaps you will more interested in accessories, the history, and evolution of the iPod?

Why would you buy Apple products instead of, say Sony, for example? They do the same thing, right? The iPod essentially does the same job as Sony’s lead MP3 player. So what sets the iPod apart? It’s the ‘why’ behind Apple’s driving force and ambition – they connect people to the world, their brand strategy and leadership qualities in their teams make us feel like we’re part of their journey.

Let’s face facts, Apple are pioneers, but their products aren’t to everyone’s taste – some find them overpriced and claim, ‘You’re only paying for the brand name!’ Some find them too clever and perhaps not as intuitive as the likes of Samsung, but whatever your taste and viewpoint be sure to check out the informative content throughout this site and please do enjoy your stay!