Gambling on an iPod? Really?

Yes! Don’t forget that the first release of the iPod was a pure music-machine, designed solely to play music. However, now you’re looking at the iPod Touch as the almost Pokemon-evolved-modernised-version – so, not only ddownloado you have the music capabilities but also the connectivity to apps and the Internet through the Safari internet browser.

If you’re into gambling, there’s no need to sit at home in front of your PC to have a flutter on the horses or logging on to an online casino in your lunch break at work. It’s all possible at the touch of your fingers from your iPod Touch. Whether you already have an account or are looking to get into gambling, all you need to do is…

  • log-in to the App Store
  • search for your favorite bookmaker or casino provider
  • download their app
  • register an account

…you’re up and running!

Be sure to take advantage of their sign-up offers – you’ll often find that for making a first deposit or wagering through a certain amount of money on Blackjack or Roulette, for example, you’ll be rewarded with a 100% matched deposit. For example, deposit £20/$20 and they’ll credit your account with another £20/$20 for you to use at your leisure.

A word of warning when using your iPod for gambling – due to the touch sensitivity and the small size of the screen, it could be difficult to play effectively. It’s definitely possible of course, but just be careful and take your time. You wouldn’t want a mistake to happen because you didn’t touch the right button on the screen or entered incorrect registration details – perhaps do the important things on your PC and just use your iPod to play on the go, whether you’re bored at work (no advocation of skipping work here!), on the train or chilling at home.

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