The Full Apple Range

Perhaps you didn’t realise that Apple started out as early as 1976 and was very much a personal computer company, with the innovative thinking to diverse its product range to their current state:

  • Macmacbook-606763_960_720
  • iPad
  • iPhone
  • Watch
  • TV
  • Music


The Mac computer range stands out a mile compared to other desktops and laptops with their unique designs. Choose from the MacBook, MacBook Pro or the iMac.


Tablets actually came out before Apple released its first iPad and now you’re spoilt for choice with options of iPad Pro, iPad Air 2 and the iPad Mini 4, all with differing sizes and capabilities but all with Wi-Fi and Cellular availability if needed.


The latest iteration of the iPhone is the 7 range, with the oversized 7 Plus being termed a ‘Phablet’ (a combination of phone and tablet). Every year their phones become faster and have more storage with the previous generation still being available (currently 6 Plus, 6S, 6 and the more traditional iPhone SE).


Now on its second version, the Apple Watch has many differing styles available, from the sporty look to a more sophisticated fabric-style strap. The original series 1 is still available in one design, with series 2 boasting four different options, with the top of the range coming with a Magnetic Charging Dock.

Apple TV

Essentially, Apple TV turns your TV into an interaction station in front of your very eyes. With the included Siri function, you can just call out for the TV show or movie that takes your fancy at that time. If you’re into gaming, just log on to the App Store and gain access to your favorite Apps and games through your Apple TV.

Apple Music

For a monthly subscription, you have access to every song available to stream. With Apple’s ethos of accessing your library on all devices no matter where you are through iTunes, you can purchase a song on your iPhone through iTunes Store, ‘sync’ it and listen to the song on your MacBook Pro or iPod Touch, for example.

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