The Power of iTunes

Apple’s iTunes isn’t just a central hub for storing your music, you can also manage your devices and watch your favorite TV shows and movies on it.

Listen and Watch Anywhere, Anytime

Simply log in to your iTdownloadunes and search for the latest blockbuster you want to buy. You can wa
tch it there and then on your device or download it and watch at another time – so, no need to worry about not being connected to the Internet to stream it. The same applies to music; everything is available for you, no queueing or delays! With the onset of the Cloud, you’re never too far away from your music as long as you’re connected.

The Power of Apple Music

Your very first sign-up to Apple Music is free for three months, allowing you time to become accustomed to the millions of available songs for free. They also premiere videos and music events on the platform so you’re at a big advantage already. Don’t forget the added feature of Beats, their radio station playing the brightest and most popular music from around the world from new and old DJs alike.

The engine is so powerful that it’ll listen and understand the music you’re playing regularly and liking, tailoring playlists and suggestions for you. You can still create and edit your own playlists to listen to at your heart’s content depending on your mood, but their experts are out there around the world discovering new talent and bands that you might like.

iTunes has come on a long way since it was first created and needing to be installed from a CD. Now acting as that pivotal hub for all things music, television, and entertainment, it facilitates Apple Music like never before, giving you every purchase you’ve made right at your fingertips.

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